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PG (Private Grave) 1058.  Necklaces of gold, carnelian and lapis lazuli.

The following pictures in this section are from OpenContext.  Click on any picture to see it in a high resolution photograph (approximately 1600 x 1200 pixels).

PG 580

Detail of the above necklace.

PG 580

PG 800

PG 580

The next three necklaces are the ones pictured at the top of the Jewelry page:

PG 580

PG 580

PG 580

PG 1058

PG 1058

PG 1058. Gold and yellow carnelian, with a ring from a headdress (left).

PG 1058. Gold and carnelian necklace (top) and part of a headband.

PG 580

Necklace of gold and lapis lazuli, with twin bull amulets.


The pictures in this section are from the UPenn Museum collection. They are lower resolution, approximately 800 pixels wide (but at least they load faster!) Click on any picture to enlarge it in a separate window.

Sumerian necklace. Gold and Carnelian.

Sumerian necklace. Lapis lazuli and carnelian.

Sumerian necklace. Carnelian.

Sumerian necklace. In the center is an amulet in the shape of a fly.

Another Sumerian necklace with fly amulets. The meaning of the symbolism isn't known.

Sumerian necklace. Gold and lapis.

Sumerian necklace, with two pins and two finger rings. The necklace is enlarged below.

The gold beads are formed with foil wrapped around a shaped bitumen core.

Sumerian necklaces. This three-beaded type of necklace was a popular design.

An alternative view of the necklaces.

Sumerian necklaces, short and long.

Sumerian necklace. The shapes of the beads are distinctively Sumerian and would later be continued by the Babylonians.

Sumerian necklaces. Most Sumerian jewelry was very simple in design. These necklaces are more elaborate.

Sumerian necklace. The Sumerians loved to contrast dark blue lapis lazuli with bright gold with carnelian for added color.

Sumerian necklace. Gold and lapis.

Sumerian necklace (or bracelet?).

Sumerian necklace. A quintessential Sumerian design -- simple yet striking.

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