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Sumerian shell money. (Okay, not exactly "links", but you get the idea.)


Here are some links to internet programs that are very useful for anyone studying Sumerology.


ePSD:  The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary.  This program gives the cuneiform symbols and their definitions, and provides access to tablets and translations.

ETCSL:  The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature.  The ETCSL provides complete translations of Sumerian literary works. The ETCSL and the ePSD are inter-linked. The ePSD gives the signs and the words, the ETCSL gives the sentences and the stories.  The ETCSL also has a good introduction to the mechanics of the Sumerian language.

CDLI:  The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative.  The CDLI is the Big Kahuna in the field of cuneiform studies. It's a massive effort to catalogue all of the Sumerian tablets in the world.

BDTNS:  The Data Base of Neo-Sumerian Texts.  (BDTNS is the way the words would be said in the "backwards" Sumerian way of writing things (Base-Data Texts-Neo-Sumerian)).  The BDTNS provides access to tablets in museums all around the world. Like the CDLI above, parts of the BDTNS are restricted to members only, but most of it is readily available to the general public.   A wealth of information about Sumerian writing and culture, with many links to other related websites.

allmesopotamia:  As the name implies, this is a website devoted to all of Mesopotamian history and culture (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian).