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If you still don’t believe that the unknown ruler is Ur-Namma, then try this experiment:

Think of every man you’ve ever known or met in your life. Add to this every man you’ve seen pictured in books, newspapers, magazines, TV, or the movies; in other words, every man in the history of the world, ancient or modern.

Now eliminate everyone who does not have heavy-lidded eyes. That will be most of the men.

Of the few men remaining, eliminate everyone who does not also have large ears.

Of the heavy-lidded men with large ears, eliminate all those who do not also have a rounded tip of the nose.

Of the men with heavy-lidded eyes, large ears, and a rounded nose, eliminate all those whose right eye is not smaller and more heavy-lidded than the left.

Does anyone remain, in the entire history of the world, except for Ur-Namma?