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Lugal, "king".

The stories of Ur-Namma, Gudea, and Eannatum have already been extensively covered on  other pages of this website. The purpose of this section is to give the biographies of other great Sumerian kings. As can be seen by the the tabs on the left, the pages for Urukagina, Lugalzagesi, and Enmetena have already been completed. I also intend to add new pages for Ur-Nanshe and Enannatum sometime in the near future.

A Sumerian king (right) has a drink while being attended by a servant. The king is holding a shepherd's flail, a symbol of authority. The servant holds his hand under his armpit as a gesture of obedience. Detail from a lyre inlay, partially restored. See the entire inlay.

Recently added:

9-Nov-2013     Ur-Ningirsu

2-Feb-2015     The Shepherd Kings

13-Feb-2015   The Kings of Uruk