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Fragment of an Ur-Nanshe limestone stele describing a battle with the cities of Ur and Umma. The back of the fragmet is shown below. This translation is from the CDLI (P222390). See a line drawing of the cuneiform signs.

Ur-Nanshe, the Man of Lagash   

Obverse (front):  

Ur-Nanshe, king of Lagash,
son of Gu-ni-DU,  "son" of Gursar,
the Bagara with baked bricks he built.
(The canal) Bagara  ... he dug.
A kitchen for the Bagara
having given, in proper (working) order
(and) a cook oval for the Bagara
having given, in proper (working) order,
the Great Oval he built.
The temple of Nanshe he built.
The shrine Girsu he built.
Kinir he built.
The temple of Gatumdu he built.
Tirash he built.
Ningar he built.
The temple of Ninmar he built.
The Edam he built.
The ME-Gate he built.
The Abzu of the Levee he built.
The wall of Lagash he built.
The Saman Canal he dug.
Carp Water (canal) he dug.
(A statue of) Ninmar he created.
(A statue of) Nin-esh3-LAK175 he created.
(A statue of) Ninsag he created.
(A statue of) SHulshag he created.
(A statue of) Kindazi he created.
(A statue of) Gushudu he created.
(A statue of) Lamma shita'e he created
(A statue of) Lugal-ur-tur he created.

Reverse (back):

Ur-Nanshe, king of Lagash,
(against) the Man of Ur (and) the Man of Umma
let battle be brought against them.
By the Man of Lagash
the Man of Ur was defeated (and) seized.
The "ruler" of the (processional) barges he seized.
Amabarasi (and) Kishibgal, the lieutenants, he seized.
Papursag, of U'u'u, he seized.
[...] the lieutenant, he seized.
The tumuli {burial mounds} he heaped up.
The Man of Umma he defeated.
Lupa (and) Billala, the lieutenants, he seized.
Pabilgaltuku, the ruler of Umma, he seized.
Ur-pusag the lieutenant, he seized.
Hursagshemah, the chief merchant, he seized.
The tumuli he heaped up.
The Man of Umma ...